Lunasea Collective - UK

Mina - Lunasea Collective's South African Soul Singer
Mina - Lunasea's South African Soul Singer

Welcome to the Lunasea Collective's website. After a decade of rampaging through the underground we finally have an online presence!

Lunasea is a collective so different tracks have different artists this means that we produce music that fits a wide range of genres, but as a general discription the Lunasea sound is; industrial flavoured electro dance, with hip-hop, punk and soul vocals and sometimes dub reggae.

The Lunasea Website

On the Lunasea Collective website you can check out upcoming gigs, news, buy and listen to our tracks or get yourself a tshirt! Theres tons of information on the Lunasea Collective as well as videos, photos and art, so click around and get in touch!

Your 79p will get you an excellent track really cheap plus you will get a warm glow inside knowing that you helped to fund us to create more banging tunes that you'll love!

Thank you! As we are DIY/indy we really rely on and value your support!

Join Us!

Flaming Lunasea Collective UK Artwork
Flaming Lunasea Collective UK Artwork

There are many ways to join the Lunasea Collective. You may wish to participate in a track or just want to keep up to date with what we're doing.

If you are a musician and want to join us, please send us an email with a sample of your material and your ideas through the Join Us page.

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Or to keep up to date with what we are doing then please join our mailing list (we won't spam ya!) Mailing List.

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